Cosmetics are substances used to enhance or protect the appearance or smell of the human body.  Cosmetics include skin care ointments, lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, nail polish, eye and face makeup, colored contact lenses, hair dyes, ‘hairspray’, gels, deodorants, and infant hygiene products.  , bath oil products, bath bombs, bath salts, and many other kinds of products.  Cosmetics are widely used.  The subgroup of cosmetics called “make-up” refers mainly to colored products that change the user’s appearance.  Many manufacturers distinguish between decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics.

5000 BC

 It is believed that women in the Sumerian civilization – an ancient civilization in southern Mesopotamia – were the first to use cosmetics, about 5,000 years ago, when they broke precious stones and used them to decorate their faces, specifically around the eyes and mouth.  The Egyptians were the first to use kohl. Men and women used to draw around their eyes with kohl pens, believing that they ward off evil forces. In the era of King Thutmose, treatments for wrinkles and powders of beeswax were discovered as moisturizers for the skin.  Nefertiti and Cleopatra, regardless of their families, remained symbols of the beauty of that era with the distinctive eyeliner and royal blue eye shadow.

 Egyptian women used galena made of copper and lead ore, and alabaster made of bright green paste of copper metal, in applying it to their faces to obtain color or clarify features, and they were also made from a mixture of burnt almonds, oxidized copper, ash and lead, and kohl to decorate  The eyes are almond-shaped.

 3000 BC

 The Chinese people began to dye their nails, with glue or gelatin, beeswax and eggs, so that the colors used represent the social class, such as the use of individuals who own gold and silver paint colors, and the prohibition of other classes from putting bright colors on their nails, as the Greek women painted their faces with white lead, and applied  Grape powder is applied to her lips as lipstick, while she uses bull’s hair to apply fake eyebrows.

Types of lotions

 Primer: It is a cosmetic product in the form of a cream that is applied to the skin before applying foundation.  It moisturizes the face and closes the pores temporarily, which reduces the secretion of skin oils, which ensures that your makeup lasts longer.

 Foundation cream: It is one of the most important and first cosmetics that are applied to the face. This is why it is called foundation cream because it forms the base layer of makeup.  The foundation hides skin imperfections and unifies its color to give a clear velvety complexion.

 Concealer: or as it is known as a “blemish corrector”, it hides skin imperfections such as pimples and dark spots, in addition to dark circles around the eye’s perimeter. Concealers vary to suit all skin types, as the concealer is in the form of a liquid cream, stick, pen or compact cream.

 Face powder: It is a light-textured powder that is applied over the concealer and foundation cream to set it and make the makeup last longer. It also absorbs skin oils to make the skin smooth and not shiny.

 Contour and highlighter: It is a new technique of make-up techniques that works to highlight some facial features or change the size of some parts of the face by hiding them or reducing their shape, such as shortening a long nose or slimming a full face, and vice versa.  The contour is in a dark color to hide or mitigate the shape of a certain part of the face, while the highlighter is in a bright, light color to highlight the prominent places on your face.[10]

 Tanning powder (Bronzer): It is a cosmetic product in the form of a bronze powder, with or without a matte finish. The bronzer is applied over the foundation cream to give the skin a natural tan.  It differs from blush, which is applied to the cheeks before the bronzer.

 Blusher: It is a bright color that gives the cheeks radiance and brilliance. It is often in the form of a pressed powder and is also available in a cream form that lasts longer than the powder.

 Kohl: It is one of the most important types of eye makeup, as it works to define the shape of the eye and highlight its color in a charming way. Also, kohl changes the shape of the eye to enlarge small eyes or widen the lined eyes.

 Eye shadow: It is a cosmetic product with multiple colors that gives the eye a distinctive shape and highlights the eye color in an attractive way.  Eye shadows come in the form of a pressed powder or a cream that lasts longer, and they come either matte or shimmery.  The light eyeshadow color is placed on the entire upper eyelid, while the dark eyeshadow color is placed on the outer arc of the eye, on the outer corner of the eye, and under the lower eyelashes. 

 Eyeliner (eyeliner): It is in liquid form, and the eye shape is often drawn initially with a kohl pencil, then the eyeliner is applied over the kohl pencil to get the perfect drawing.  The eyeliner comes in either an easy-to-use pencil, a thin feather, or a gel that can be applied with a special brush.  There are different types of eyeliner according to the shape of the eye, such as French eyeliner for small eyes, cat eye eyeliner, or winged eyeliner.

 Artificial eyelashes: They are used to obtain long and dense eyelashes and add an attractive look to the eye. Despite the spread of mascara that gives thick and long eyelashes, some people prefer to install artificial eyelashes as an ideal and faster alternative to mascara.[14]

 Mascara: It is the last step in eye makeup, as it gives the eyelashes length and density, and the mascara is a liquid eyeliner that is used with a special brush that penetrates the hairs of the eyelashes, to cover them with eyeliner and separate them to make them appear thicker and longer.[11]

 Eyebrow drawing pencil: It is a product that defines the eyebrow drawing and fills in the gaps between the eyebrow hairs.  The eyebrow pencil comes in different shades to suit all hair colors, and the eyebrow pencil is the basic product for drawing eyebrows, but recently eyebrow mascara and eyebrow gel have appeared, in addition to using eye shadows with the same hair color to fill in the eyebrow spaces.[15]

 Lip liner: It is a pencil for drawing the lips, preferably in the same color as the lips, to obtain natural lips. The lip is drawn with a lip liner by drawing a line parallel to the natural borders of the lips. The lips can be enlarged by defining the lips from the outside and not on the lip line, which makes them appear larger and more full.

 Lipstick (Rouge): It comes in several colors and shapes. It can be applied immediately to the lips, or by using fingers or a special brush for the lips.

 Lip gloss: Its texture is lighter than lipstick and has a shine, and the colors of lip gloss vary to match the colors of the lips.  The lip gloss can be applied over lipstick for a shimmery look, or it can be used on its own for a natural, radiant look.

 Make-up brushes: It is a set of specialized brushes whose shapes differ according to the type of make-up and according to the method of use.  There are approximately 12 types of makeup brushes in different shapes and uses such as eye shadow brush, slanted blush brush, contour brush, color blending brush, mascara brush and many more.  There are also makeup sponges, which are a set of sponges used to distribute foundation cream or face powder, but beauty blender sponges have recently spread, which consist of a set of sponges in different shapes to reach all corners of the face. 

 Make-up fixer: It is the last step in applying make-up. Its function is to fix the make-up for as long as possible. It should not be used too much, but it should be used only on occasions and parties.

 Make-up remover: It is a product used to remove cosmetics and cleanse the skin of impurities to apply other care creams. Failure to clean the skin of make-up regularly leads to clogged pores and the appearance of pimples, so it is important to use a make-up remover.

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