Dogs Relations between Human being

The dog is a mammal of the canine family of carnivores.  Dajan is an animal and became a human 14000 to 150000 years ago.  This animal is usually described as loyal, and it is called “man’s best friend” because of its high ability to remember its owner, even after a long break from it. There are many breeds of different natures and tasks, including: a hunting dog, a field dog, a shepherd dog, a guard dog, a police dog, a gray hound, a dog accompanying the blind, and a sled dog.  Which is used to pull carts on the ice to our time.

Canis, which includes wolves, foxes and jackals.  The dog is considered one of the first mammals that humans tamed from the wolves, which had appeared 60 million years ago.  And she lived with him for 14 thousand years.  It is a descendant of wolves that roamed Europe, Asia and North America.  Wolves roamed villages in the Northern Hemisphere in search of food 12,000 years ago.  Currently, there are many strains of them.  Dog bones have been found in Denmark, England, Japan, Germany and China dating back to the prehistoric era.  The jackal was known by the ancient Egyptians.  And they used to make statues whose body was the body of a dog whose head was the head of a jackal.  A statue of Anubis was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, dating back to 1330 BC.  He also found a breed of greyhound dogs in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. They were mummified since the year 2100 BC next to the pharaohs inside the pyramids.  The Greeks and Romans could produce strains of them.

 The Dalmachine type was trained to hunt and pull chariots since 1800 BC, and to guard the horses that were pulling chariots from other dogs that frightened them.

There are many types of dogs and they are arranged according to their strength:

 Working dogs: These are the types of dogs that humans can train to perform professional tasks such as towing vehicles, detecting explosives or missing persons.  Among the most important factions used for work purposes are the Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Belgian Shepherd Dog) or the Golden Retriever Dogs.

 Pet dogs or domestic dogs, including most dog species 

 Hunting dogs are used in hunting, as they chase the prey until they become close to humans, such as the poiner and the greyhound .

 Guard dogs, such as the German Shepherd, are used to guard farms and homes.

People use dogs for guarding, hunting and pulling vehicles.  It was used in the war to guard and carry messages.  And there are trained dogs that lead the blind and deaf in the streets and do housework, such as alerting the deaf to the phone or door bell, or leading the blind to wander inside the house or cross the street.  Some types of dogs have a strong sense of smell.  That is why he was trained in other tasks, such as detecting drugs, explosives, dynamite, Persian ants, and those drowned in deep water.  You can search for missing persons in earthquakes and fires, and some dogs can listen to sounds that a person cannot hear with his ears, so that the dog is able to hear the ticking of the clock 40 feet away.  And domestic dogs vary in shape and appearance, size and color.

Loyalty exists in humans and some animals, such as dogs, but in humans besides loyalty there is betrayal, while dogs do not know betrayal at all, and their stories with their owners are many, and stories of human betrayal of humans are also very many, and they are found in the corridors of courts and prisons.  Human betrayals are social, and they are the ones that cause divorce between the two parties. If a dog is guarded, it guards with sincerity and honesty, even if it is hungry, it does not eat one of the sheep. Some, if you secure an amount of money, may steal it or steal part of it, and the issues around this matter are many.  Honesty is lacking in some people, not all people.  However, trust in dogs is complete and incomplete, and dogs are loyal to their owner and cannot betray them. As for humans, it is possible for someone close to him to betray him, and the courts bear witness to this.  In Europe, they use dogs to guide the blind, as they guide them on roads crowded with people and cars. They do this work better than humans, and they do a great job in police and rescue work.  This is a story told by a sheep breeder in Turkey. This person says: I live in a remote village where wolves abound, and I have a dog to guard the sheep to protect the sheep from the wolves, and I was once outside the house and saw the wolves surrounding me from every side, and it was a frightening sight, so I shouted at the top of my voice to ask for the dog  He came to me running in a blink of an eye, and the wolves when they saw him turned and ran away. If the dog had not saved me, I would have been among the dead now.  And another story about the loyalty of the dog. There is a Scottish man who lives alone with his dog and he died. As for the dog, the relatives of the deceased took him, and the dog remained neither eating nor drinking after the death of its owner. When he found the door of the house open, he ran quickly to the grave of his owner and sat down.  His owner, and when they come to him carrying food for him, they find his previous food untouched, and he remained in this state for several days until they came to him one day and they brought him new food, and they found him dead, so the governor of the region decided to bury him in a grave next to his owner, and the story of that dog spread throughout  The city of Edinburgh, and this story was told to me by the family in which I lived, during my school days.

 Finally, we say that if the loyalty found in dogs exists in humans, then I do not think that humans need laws that punish treachery and thefts, nor do they need laws against encroaching on public money and other funds.