La strada, Terre Senesi, Tuscany, Italy

La strada, Terre Senesi, Tuscany, Italy
La strada, Terre Senesi, Tuscany, Italy

Besides the highlights of the area, such as the towns (Asciano, San Giovanni d’Asso, Buonconvento, etc.) and the beautiful Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, the Crete Senesi are ideal for some thematic itineraries.

Panoramic Drives
The best way to visit the Crete Senesi is to slowly drive around or walk in the countryside, stopping as often as one can. There are some very scenic routes:

Strada del Pecorile: between Asciano, Trequanda, Chiusure and San Giovanni d’Asso.

Strada Bianca di Medane: a country lane departing from Arbia and leading to Asciano along the path of the old Roman road Lauretana Antica and then continuing to Medane. It runs on the top of the hills, and the views over the Crete and Siena are incredible. From this road it is possible to continue on a similar country lane that leads from Monteroni to San Martino in Grancia and Vescona.

Strada Bianca di Montauto: departing from the old Roman road Cassia just before it reaches Lucignano d’Arbia, it’s the perfect road to admire the impressive calanchi on the Ombrone Valley.

Strada Bianca di Pieve a Salti: quite off-the-beaten-path, it leads from San Giovanni d’Asso to Buonconvento through the hills comprised between the rivers Ombrone and Asso. A beautiful rural area, and a lovely pieve.

Cassia: It’s a larger road which connects Monteroni to Siena.

Vecchia Strada della Riccia: the old road between Siena and the Val di Chiana running through the countryside of the Crete and the woods “Riccia”.


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