Marketing Role through Products

Marketing is a set of operations or activities that work to discover the desires of customers and develop a group of products or services that satisfy their desires and achieve profits for the organization within an appropriate period of time.  Marketing can be defined as the art of selling, but sales are part of the process.

From a societal point of view, marketing is the link between the material needs of society and responding to the patterns of the economy by communicating the value of a product or service to customers.  Marketing can be considered as a business function for an organization and a set of mechanisms that create and communicate value to customers and deal with customers in a way that benefits the organization and its shareholders.  As for marketing as a science, it is the process of identifying the target market by analyzing and segmenting the market, understanding customer trends, and providing them with high value.

 There are five contradictory concepts that the organization can follow when adopting marketing policies: the concept of production, the concept of product, the concept of selling, the concept of marketing, and the concept of total marketing.  The latter has four components: relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrative marketing, and marketing in response to a social demand.  The set of interactions needed to manage a successful marketing process includes: establishing a clear idea of ​​​​marketing, communicating with customers, building strong brands, shaping long-term growth, developing and communicating value, creating long-term growth, and developing appropriate marketing strategies and plans.

Marketing communications consist of three main elements: the sender, the message, the recipient, and the feedback.

 The sender seeks to transfer or transform the ideas he carries into the mind of the recipient, and the important thing here is that the recipient fully understands the meaning and content of the message that was sent to him, which is expressed by the extent of understanding and responding to that message through the feedback that the sender gets.

 The feedback in its true form here achieves the answer to the following questions posed by the sender.

Dual-cycle marketing[7][8] is based on the idea that in today’s information-rich world, marketing should be based on people and knowledge rather than the product per se.  The company must initially develop “thought-sharing” by building a site that provides truly useful information and advice to consumers.  This is the first link in the company’s interaction with consumers.  And only when this site can achieve credibility among the readers belonging to a community, can the company, in the second cycle of interaction with consumers, try to convert that “intellectual participation” into “money participation”, which means that the company should focus on  First on society, then on commerce.  The idea of ​​Dual Loop Marketing is the brainchild of internet marketing consultant Christian Sarkar.  It relates to relationship marketing and Seth Godin’s idea of ​​marketing with permission.

The lack of understanding of marketing in our country has made it difficult to get a job in marketing, and it may even frustrate you if you do not have marketing knowledge of possible solutions in order to get your dream job in marketing.

 In principle, most small and medium-sized companies treat marketing as selling, and insist that you put the two in one template, and when an employee calls you to ask you to be a marketing executive, know that you will most likely go down to sell to people and companies, as for them the matter is similar to terms!

 The case of large companies that know what marketing is is different, but unfortunately it seems more difficult. Large companies know what marketing is, but unfortunately most of our universities and institutes do not know what marketing is. Therefore, you find most of the newly graduated enthusiastic youth wanting to work in marketing in a large company, but in  At the same time, these companies do not have the same desire and enthusiasm, for the same reason that I told you about, which is that our universities, with their specialties, cannot produce graduates who can work in marketing directly.

Types of companies in application marketing

 Indeed, companies do not apply marketing to a large extent and most likely will not apply or use it much in the long run, and these companies are the ones that direct their activities to companies like them, meaning that the model they use is the corporate business model for companies – B2B.

 These companies actually apply marketing (any company in the world applies marketing, even if by a small percentage), but these companies remain in a certain template, they do not want to build a name that ordinary people know, and therefore they find the goal of reputation or spread – brand awareness undesirable, they are satisfied with some  Companies that will make huge profits for them, or at least enough profits every year, are happy with that. They will choose the best salesmen they meet and will introduce them to the targeted companies of their services and products. This is what you want, and this is a model in which it is difficult to apply marketing in its fun form.

 The second type of companies

 Companies that target the public and individual consumers, and they operate according to the most famous model in the field of business, business or companies for individuals – B2C, but this section has a degree of routine and marketing sterility that brings you to the point of boredom with everything that happens in the company.

  These companies may be small or large, and in any case they do not respect or appreciate marketing. Most of these companies disappear and disappear with time. They will not find a voice after a few years. They do not know how to target, and they do not know how to build a distinctive mental image that distinguishes them.  In the market for long-term competitors.  Developing each advertising campaign with a different idea, developing electronic campaigns without understanding or awareness, without using marketing research.  These companies are what we suffer with. We can change the mindset of the managers in these companies so that they develop their business and use marketing, but it is not that simple, and here is the reason why many marketing lovers suffer in these companies.