Mercedes-Benz Germany Cars

Mercedes-Benz is a German global automotive brand and a subsidiary of Daimler.  Mercedes-Benz is known for luxury vehicles, vans, trucks, buses and ambulances.  It is headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg.  The brand first appeared in 1926 when Daimler-Benz was born.  In 2018, Mercedes-Benz was the world’s best-selling luxury car brand, selling 2.31 million vehicles.  The name appeared for the first time in 1926 during the reign of Daimler-Benz.

The origins of Mercedes-Benz go back to the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft produced by the Daimler Engine Company in 1901 and the Benz Patent Motorwagen designed by engineer Karl Benz in 1886, which is widely considered to be the first petrol-powered car.  The brand’s motto is “the best or nothing”.  It is widely regarded as the first internal combustion engine in a self-propelled car.

As part of Daimler, the Mercedes-Benz Cars division includes the production of Mercedes-Benz cars and smart cars.


 Mercedes-AMG became a division owned by Mercedes-Benz in 1999. The company was merged into DaimlerChrysler in 1999, and became Mercedes-Benz AMG from January 1, 1999. 

 Mercedes Maybach

 The ultra-luxury marque was Daimler-Maybach under the Mercedes-Benz Cars division until December 2012, when production was discontinued due to poor sales volume. It now exists under the Mercedes-Maybach name, with the models being ultra-luxury versions of Mercedes cars, such as the 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600. In November 2019, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 SUV debuted.


 Daimler is partnering with BYD Auto to make and sell a battery electric car called Denza in China. In 2016, Daimler announced plans to sell Mercedes-Benz battery electric cars in China. Beijing Benz is a joint venture with BAIC Group to produce Mercedes-Benz-branded cars in China. In 2018, Mercedes-Benz apologized for inciting controversy in China by quoting the Dalai Lama on an Instagram post.

Mercedes-Benz offers a full range of passenger, light commercial and heavy equipment.  Vehicles are manufactured in multiple countries around the world.  Daimler produces the SMART brand for city cars.Personal passenger cars


 Since the spring of 1993 the product lines have been divided into categories:

 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

 Mercedes-Benz B-class

 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

 Mercedes-Benz E-class

 Mercedes-Benz S-class

 Mercedes-Benz SLC

 Mercedes-Benz GLA

 Mercedes-Benz GLC

 Mercedes-Benz GLE

 Mercedes-Benz GLS

 Mercedes-Benz X-Class

 Sedan cars (including hatchbacks and family sedans)

 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (also available as a family sedan)

 Mercedes-Benz E-Class (also available as a family sedan)

 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (also available with Long Wheelbase)


 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

 Mercedes-Benz CLA (based on the series production W 176 A-Class, also available as a 5-door)

 Mercedes-Benz CLC (based on the series production W 203 C-Class)

 Mercedes-Benz CLK (based on C-Class, convertibles also available)

 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe (technically based on C-Class and E-Class, convertibles also available)

 Mercedes-Benz CL (based on S-Class until 2013, then on S-Class Coupe)

 Mercedes-Benz CLS (4-door coupe, also available as 5-door until 2016)

 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

 Mercedes-Benz SLC

 Mercedes-Benz SLK

 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (powerful sports car, roadster also available)

 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (up-door coupe, also available Roadster)

 Off-Road Vehicle / MPV / 4WD / Pickup

 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

 Mercedes-Benz GLA (based on the series production W 176 A-Class)

 Mercedes-Benz GLC

 Mercedes-Benz GLK

 Mercedes-Benz GLE

 Mercedes-Benz M-Class (until 2015, offered as ML xxx)

 Mercedes-Benz GLS

 Mercedes-Benz GL (until 2015)

 Mercedes-Benz X-Class

 Large Family Cars / Mini Buses / Vans / High Roof

 Mercedes-Benz B-class

 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

 Mercedes-Benz V-class

 Mercedes-Benz Vaneo

 Mercedes-Benz Viano (until 2014)