Narcissus Rose

The narcissus plant, the stinger, the qahadh, the fagu, or the fagia is a genus of plants belonging to the narcissus family that includes between 50 and 100 species.  The plant grows from an early winter onion perennial.

 The original habitat of most types of daffodils is central Asia and the Mediterranean basin, from which it moved to the Americas by the first colonizers.  The bulb consists of fleshy scales and paper bases.  The narcissus plant kills its enemies, as it kills any plant that grows next to it, and the narcissus is a plant of many types.  It appears in the winter and after rain.  Narcissus is one of the most popular flowers in the world, especially in Spain. Ancient legends tell that the narcissus flower was a boy who admired himself a lot, and while he was looking at his reflection in the water, the image turned into a narcissus flower.

Medicinal uses of narcissus plant

 Tonic for the nerves


 and antipyretic

 An essential oil is extracted from it, which is used in the aromatic industry

Narcissus albimarginatus (Latin: Narcissus albimarginatus) is native to the Maghreb

 The Atlantic Narcissus (in Latin: Narcissus atlanticus) is native to the Maghreb

 Narcissus supramontanus (Latin: Narcissus supramontanus) in Iraq

 Narcissus rupicola (Latin: Narcissus rupicola) is native to the Maghreb, Spain and Portugal.

 The tender narcissus (in Latin: Narcissus papyraceus) is native to the Maghreb, the Balkans and the western Mediterranean basin.

 The common narcissus (in Latin: Narcissus tazetta) is native to the Levant, the Maghreb, the Nile Valley and the Mediterranean basin.

 Narcissus tingitanus (in Latin: Narcissus tingitanus) is native to the Maghreb

 The Cantabrian Narcissus (in Latin: Narcissus cantabricus) is native to the Maghreb and Spain.

 Late Narcissus (in Latin: Narcissus serotinus) is native to the Maghreb and Spain.

 The neglected narcissus (in Latin: Narcissus obsoletus) is native to the Levant, the Maghreb and the northern Mediterranean basin.

 The paper narcissus (in Latin: Narcissus foliosus) is native to the Maghreb