Studio Ghibli, Japan

Studio Ghibli, Tokyo

An exhibition that spotlights the “buildings” of Studio Ghibli, which has produced many animation works such as “The Wind Rises”, “Spirited Away”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. Ghibli Three-Dimensional Architecture Exhibition” is being held at the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum in Koganei, Tokyo.

The exhibition, titled “If you look at the parts, you can see the whole,” focused on various buildings that appear in Studio Ghibli’s works. , to director Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s latest work “When Marnie Was There”, production materials such as background images, art boards, art settings, etc. of each work are exhibited together, and there are also several three-dimensional works of miniatures of the buildings that have appeared. Dots are displayed.