The Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a newly emerged celebration at the beginning of the twentieth century, celebrated by some countries to honor mothers and motherhood and the “mother’s bond with her children” and the impact of mothers on society.  This appeared with the desire of Western and European thinkers after they found the sons in their societies neglecting their mothers and not taking full care of them, so they wanted to set a day a year to remind the sons of their mothers.  Later, the area of ​​those celebrating it expanded until it was celebrated in many days and in various cities in the world, and it is mostly celebrated in the month of March, April, or May.

The date of Mother’s Day differs from one country to another. For example, in the Arab world, the first day of spring is March 21, while in Norway it is celebrated on February 2;  In Argentina it is October 3rd, and South Africa celebrates it on May 1st.  In the United States and Germany, the celebration is on the second Sunday of May every year, and in Indonesia they celebrate it on December 22.

 Mother’s Day is an American innovation and is not directly descended from the celebrations of mothers and motherhood that have taken place everywhere in the world for thousands of years.  Such as the Greek worship of Kobeli, the Roman feast of Hilaria, and the celebration of Motherhood Sunday by Christians in Europe . Despite this, the term Mother’s Day has become synonymous with these ancient customs.

For the important and great role that the mother plays in life, she has been honored and given a high and great position since the dawn of humanity.  : “The mother is a teacher, if you prepare her, you prepare a people of good races.” This verse indicates that the mother is the basis for the formation of ancient peoples.

Mothers has a great role in society, as they educate and bring up their children, so that they are the good fruit of society, and they have a constructive and effective role in their society.  Corruption and damage in society and limiting its progress and development.

One of the mother’s rights over her children is to enjoy their respect and appreciation for her, by dealing with her with all love, kindness and kindness, providing all her needs and requirements, avoiding cruelty in dealing with her or boycotting her, and obeying her in anything other than disobedience to God Almighty, as the Almighty says in His Holy Book: “  And We commanded the human being with his parents, his mother bore him here in weakness and weaned him in two years, to give thanks to Me and your parents to the destination.