Zhouzhuang , China

Zhouzhuang , China
Zhouzhuang , China

Old town Zhouzhuang China

There are a lot of traditional towns and villages in China. They are called Guzhen ( 古镇 ) in Chinese. A lot of beautiful “guzhen” which are standing on the water-side exist in the area of a lower reaches of the big river “Chiang-Jiang ( 长江 )”. This area contains Jiangsu (江苏 ), Zhejiang ( 浙江 ) and Shianghai ( 上海 ).

Zhouzhuang ( 周庄 ) is one of famous water-side old towns in Jiangsu Province China. Zhouzhuang is a popular sightseeing among tourists. It has a history of 900 years. There are a lot of beautiful buildings and canals which had been constructed since the age of Ming ( 明 ) Dynasty (14C ~ 17C).

Located in the Jiangsu province, Zhouzhuang is a water township known for its astounding preservation of ancient architecture and its wonderful scenery.


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