Butterfly Valley, Faralya, Turkey

Butterfly Valley, Faralya, Turkey
Butterfly Valley, Faralya, Turkey

One of the exceptional coastal beauties in Turkey is Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish) located near world famous Oludeniz a district of nearby Fethiye resort town. It is also a short distance away from another beautiful cove in Faralya region, Kabak.

Butterfly Valley, a small valley which opens to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea is a well preserved natural site where there is no land development and construction. Hence the only accomodation facilities are tents and bungalows (small wooden huts). Butterfly valley is quite popular among young travelers both Turkish and foreign who would like to enjoy the natural beauty of the valley, the beach and the small waterfall at the depth of the valley. The valley is part of the Faralya coast where steep cliffs touch the amazingly beautiful colors of the sea. Hence watching the Butterfly Valley from above you could experience breathtaking views.

There are two ways to reach the valley: On foot from Faralya village above in about 45minutes or by boat from Oludeniz. If you would like to go on foot you must take the Dolmus(shuttle) minibuses which depart Fethiye bus station for Faralya region a few times a day and you tell the driver you will get off the minibus at the top of the Butterfly valley (Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish) and you trek down into the valley from the cliff through a difficult hiking trail. The slope and trek is not for the unfit, so taking a boat trip from Oludeniz is the suggested way of transportation for the average traveler. The boat trip takes about 30 minutes and costs 15tl (~7 euros) per person. These boats run almost every two hours. However, if you do not want to wait until the departure time, there is also a speed boat which can take you to the valley whenever you want.

While the valley is very quiet because of its location, it gains popularity day by day. Therefore, booking is required for bungalows during summer. But there is always an opportunity to camp out with no booking after paying a camping fee. Both tent and bungalow prices vary between 35-70 TL (~17-35 euros) seasonally. These prices also includes open buffet breakfast and dinner. In addition, the snack bar provides drinks and fast food all day. You can taste the delicious Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh vegetables grown in the valley!

To cool off in the summer heat, you can either swim in the sea or walk about 15 minutes down the canyon and swim by the waterfall. You also have a chance to see many different kinds of butterflies which the valley took its name from. Open-air cinema, entertainment workshops and personal development seminars are some of the other activities you can enjoy during your stay.
Butterfly Valley is a great option for those who look for a peaceful holiday!


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