Sunset in Batu Belig Beach, Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Sunset in Batu Belig Beach, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Sunset in Batu Belig Beach, Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an Indonesian island that has a few attractions like nirvana world. it is known as the island of a thousand temples and a variety of nicknames is given by the world, will be the beauty of the island state. Where is famous for its culture, and also has so many beautiful beaches which is scattered there. From the famous Kuta in all over the world, until the coast is less well known but no less beautiful in it’s own compared to Kuta. Many foreign tourists who spend their vacation time for enjoy the beautiful scenery that are served by these islands.

The Batu Belig Beach is a coast which was created by the will of the Almighty magnificence. Located in a village called Batu Belig under the auspices of the North Kuta district, Badung regency. This beach has a beautiful sunset which quite special. With a location on the outskirts of town, so the beauty of this attraction is quite maintained.

This attraction is not only used to enjoy the beautiful sunset moment, but can also be used for other activities such as a few sports recreation coast and just a place to refresh yourself. Generally, local residents use the coast for hanging out with close friend, or can also be used as a coast volleyball and a variety of activities which are generally performed on the beach.

The Batu Belig Beach is less than 15 minutes away from Petitenget Beach. There are a few hotels that stood just before the entrance to this beach, one of which is Akasa and a few other hotels. There is also a small shop right on the beach, where the shop sells a few food and drinks while enjoying the beauty of this beach. Generally, there are foreign tourists who enjoy being together with a drink while waiting for the sun sinks in the west.

Although it is adjacent to the Petitenget beach, but this beach has waves were pretty quiet so it is a good place just to wash your feet. However, in a few spots, there are whirlpools that to bring the waves flow from the Petitenget beach to the Batu Belig beach. So the spot is a pretty dangerous spot to be used as a bathing spot, because the waves has pretty suction power to drag people to the middle of the beach. So if you want to bathe in this beach, please do not violate the red flags that have been stuck in a few these spots.

The Batu Belig Beach is not as popular of Kuta beach, this beach and therefore has fewer visitors than Kuta beach. However, the sunsets in the Batubelig Beach is no less beautiful than Kuta Beach. Batubelig Beach sand this soft on the feet. this Beach has waves that are benign to make some parents feel comfortable bring their kids to this place.

Although there are garbage, which seemed to have been gathered is waiting for thrown away, but on the whole beach is quite clean, and comfortable to be seen. Required of consciousness visitors to not throw rubbish indiscriminately.

Batu Belig beach also appears to be a popular place for the local children play around, especially when the sun was far down close to the line of the horizon and the heat was no longer stung our skin. Children playing football on the sand Beach Batubelig which is soft and thick enough, so there is no fear when falling when playing.


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